The WYL Foundation has decided on a policy related to token allocation and announce about it.

Our team has a bigger vision for the future of WYL. And the foundation’s financial situation is very strong. In addition to WYL funding, we have raised funds for development through the creation of many real funds, and we have sufficient funds for film production.

So we decided to extend the lock-up period for 10% of the supply.
The details of the amount of supplies extended by the lock-up period are as follows.

Period : 31. Dec. 2021 -> 31. Dec. 2022 (extended by 1 year)

  • Team&Advisory (2.0%) : 240,000 WYL
  • Partnership (2.0%) : 240,000 WYL
  • Foundation (8.6%) : 1,032,000 WYL



Dear community.
We are pleased to be listed as the first project in the Launch Pool of Coineal Exchange.

Users who use Coinil Exchange can farm WYL by steaking Coineal’s CNV token.

We look forward to meeting more users through this launch pool.

WYL Launchpool Details:

  • Farming Token: WYL (Wylive Token)
  • Staking Token: CNV
  • Farming Period: am 09:00 (UTC) 13. JULY. 2021 ~ am 09:00 (UTC) 13. AUG. 2021
  • Launchpool Token Rewards: 700 WYL
  • Staking Terms: 30CNV limit/1000CNV limit
  • Identity Verification (KYC) Required: Yes




The WYL Foundation celebrates the opening of the Cannes Film Festival, a festival of all filmmakers.
We wish for the success of the festival, and we are going to announce a big announcement in time for the opening of the festival.

Since we listed on the Coineal Global Exchange, we have received a lot of attention.
Many blockchain companies interested in the rapid growth of the community and our roadmap have made many suggestions to us.

Also concerned about the downturn in the film industry, filmmakers, distributors and investors are sending us love calls.

We have contacted the partners who are most passionate about our vision and will announce the results of this.

Also, to meet more users, we are considering additional listing on the larger cryptocurrency exchange.

May the future of WYL be your future. All the filmmakers. Enjoy the festival.



We are rebranding to increase the brand value of WYL. And We are happy to announce the news of our web-page rebranding, the first result of this.


The new web page is designed to show creativity, a characteristic of the film industry. Also, we put a lot of content to show our vision and roadmap well.

  • Our rebranding plan is as follows.
    1. Web-page rebranding
    2. Tokens to new network. (Binance Smart Chain)
    3. Addition, modification of White Paper content.
    4. Alpha version of WYLive APP released.

WYL expects a bigger market. We are going to announce more visions for entry into the large market.



We have confirmed to change the existing ERC20-based WYL token to BSC-based for better ecosystem creation.
It is expected that interoperability between WYL and Binance chain will be strengthened, which will be announced later.
We issue WYL tokens based on Binance Chain Standard (BEP2) and proceed with the procedure to list them on Binance Dex (Distributed Exchange) next month. Once the application for listing is received, a vote for the Binance community and a vote for the Binance chain verification will be held.